2023 Accommodation Guide

Accom TypeNameAddressPhoneDetailsRates
MotelDartmouth Motor Inn1 Eustace St Dartmouth(02)6072 4233 4 Apartments. 14 Rooms &120.00 to $180.00
MotelTallangatta Motor Inn1 Akuna Avenue0402 896 852D+1, D+2$120.00 to $140.00
HotelEskdaleOmeo hwy, Eskdale(02)6072 04041 Double, 4 Twin$50.00
HotelTallangatta77 Towong Street(02)6071 26724S, 5D, 4Bunk, 1 Honeymoon$60, $70, $70, $120
HotelTallangatta2 Banool Rd(02)6071 26723D & 2S$90,$70
Caravan ParkEskdaleOmeo Hwy Eskdale0438 645 846Vans 1 x 5, 1 X 3$50 Per van
Caravan ParkMagorraMitta Rd North Mitta(02)6072 35865 Vans 5-8 5cbns(2X6, 1X4, 2X3V$50, cbn $85, 105, 145.
Caravan ParkMagorraMitta Rd North Mitta(02)6072 3586Camping$20 Per Night
Caravan ParkDartmouth Alpine14 Main Rd Dartmouth(02)6072 42185,1dbl +3 S, 1dbl + 2S, 10 S.$70 dbl + 110 @, B/house$150
Self ContainedDartmouth Cottages/LodgesDartmouth Township(02)6072 4233House, Apartment, Triple Room$200.$180,$150.
Self ContainedCallaghans Cottage on Creek608 Dartmouth Rd, Mitta(02)6072 35334Q, House 2Q, 1Dbl.$100 per room$140 Per Room
Self ContainedDamm It lodge16 Eustace St Dartmouth(02)6072 42631Q+1S,2S,3S$30,Per Person
Self ContainedTNT's Place10 Coleman St Dartmouth(02)6072 35052Q, 1Dbl, 3S,$160 Per Night
Self ContainedFoxs'17 Scales St Dartmouth0428621899 (Catherine)1Q, 2S,$120 Per Night
Self ContainedWonjeena Host Farm113 Scrubby Creek Rd Mitta(02)6072 3505Dble plus 2 S.$80, Per Couple + $20 Per Single
Self ContainedRed Oaks Farm Stay835 Little Snowy Ck Rd Eskdale(02)6072 04804 Bedrooms$100 for 2, $80 Per single
Self ContainedYalandra Mittavale4251 Omeo Hwy EskdaleContact Air B & B2q, 2DPricing not available
Self ContainedYalandra Woodbine4252 Omeo Hwy EskdaleContact Air B & B2Q, 2SPricing not available
Self ContainedYalandra Murphy's1788 Mitta North Rd MittaContact Air B & B4Bedrooms,2 Bathrooms, 2 WCPricing not available
Self ContainedYalandra at Mitta100m from Mitta PubContact Air B & B5Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms. 3 WCPricing not available
Self Contained1226 Mitta North Rd Mitta0438 082 8502Q, 2S.$180 Per Night
Self ContainedHaich and C Shack1810 Mitta North Rd Mitta(02)6072 35413 Rooms of 2S or 1K$80 Minimum
Self ContainedZeibels5568 Omeo Hwy Close to Pub(02)6072 35414Q Rooms$250 Minimum or $450
Self ContainedRiversdale5K from MittaContact Air B & B3D, 2S, Pool$200 Per Night
Self Contained32 O'Connell Rd, MittaContact Air B & B2Q, 3S1B+3S$190 Per Night
GlampingBharatralia Jungle CampOmeo Hwy,Mitta(02)6072 36212Twin, 1Q,+2S, 1dbl +2S,Ldg2S.$40 Per Night
Updated January 2023