2024 Accommodation Guide

Accom TypeNameAddressPhoneDetailsRates
MotelDartmouth Motor Inn1 Eustace St Dartmouth(02)6072 42334 Apartments. 14 Rooms&120.00 to $180.00
MotelTallangatta Motor Inn1 Akuna Avenue, Tallangatta0402 896 852D+1, D+2$120.00 to $140.00
HotelEskdale HotelOmeo hwy, Eskdale(02)6072 04041 Double, 4 Twin$50.00
HotelTallangatta Hotel77 Towong Street, Tallangatta(02)6071 26724S, 5D, 4Bunk, 1 Honeymoon$60, $70, $70, $120
HotelVictoria Hotel2 Banool Rd, Tallangatta(02)6071 26723D & 2S$90,$70
Caravan ParkEskdaleOmeo Hwy, Eskdale0438 645 846Vans 1 x 5, 1 X 3$50 Per van
Caravan ParkMagorraMitta Rd, North Mitta(02)6072 35865 Vans 5-8 5cbns(2X6, 1X4, 2X3Van$50, cbn $85, 105, 145.
Caravan ParkMagorraMitta Rd, North Mitta(02)6072 3586Camping$20 Per Night
Caravan ParkDartmouth Alpine14 Main Rd, Dartmouth(02)6072 42185,1dbl +3 S, 1dbl + 2S, 10 S.$70 dbl + 110 @, B/house$150
Self ContainedDartmouth Cottages/LodgesDartmouth Township(02)6072 4233House, Apartment, Triple Room$200.$180,$150.
Self ContainedCallaghans Cottage on Creek608 Dartmouth Rd, Mitta(02)6072 35334Q, House 2Q, 1Dbl.$100 per room$140 Per Room
Self ContainedDamm It lodge16 Eustace St, Dartmouth(02)6072 42631Q+1S,2S,3S$30,Per Person
Self ContainedTNT's Place10 Coleman St, Dartmouth(02)6072 35052Q, 1Dbl, 3S,$160 Per Night
Self ContainedWonjeena Host Farm113 Scrubby Creek Rd, Mitta(02)6072 3505Dble plus 2 S.$80, Per Couple + $20 Per Single
Self ContainedRed Oaks Farm Stay835 Little Snowy Ck Rd, Eskdale(02)6072 04804 Bedrooms$100 for 2, $80 Per single
Self ContainedYalandra Mittavale4251 Omeo Hwy, EskdaleContact AirBnB2q, 2DPricing not available
Self ContainedYalandra Woodbine4252 Omeo Hwy, EskdaleContact AirBnB2Q, 2SPricing not available
Self ContainedYalandra Murphy's1788 Mitta North Rd, MittaContact AirBnB4Bedrooms,2 Bathrooms, 2 WCPricing not available
Self ContainedYalandra at Mitta100m from Mitta PubContact AirBnB5Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms. 3 WCPricing not available
Self Contained1226 Mitta North Rd, Mitta0438 082 8502Q, 2S.$180 Per Night
Self ContainedHaich and C Shack1810 Mitta North Rd, Mitta(02)6072 35413 Rooms of 2S or 1K$80 Minimum
Self ContainedZeibels5568 Omeo Hwy Close to Pub(02)6072 35414Q Rooms$250 Minimum or $450
Self ContainedRiversdale5K from MittaContact AirBnB3D, 2S, Pool$200 Per Night
Self Contained32 O'Connell Rd, MittaContact AirBnB2Q, 3S1B+3S$190 Per Night
GlampingBharatralia Jungle CampOmeo Hwy,Mitta(02)6072 36212Twin, 1Q,+2S, 1dbl +2S,Ldg2S.$40 Per Night
Updated February 2024