Mitta to use satellite timing from start to finish

Timing by satellite using the Rallysafe technology and equipment has been employed by many events in recent years, but this will be the first time used at Mitta. There will be a few aspects not seen at previous events, as Rallysafe have made changes as a result of Covid that reduce contact between officials and competitors, and satellite timing will be used for all time controls, not just for special stages.

The key differences to control procedures as currently described in the NRSR will be:

  1. Time cards will be for competitor use only to assist in calculating due times at Time Controls, and recording check in, check out and stage times.
  2. Crews will check in at Time Controls using the in car units, so they can remain in cars and must arrive at the Time Control ready to proceed to the start line after being issued a start time from the official that is relayed to the in car unit.
  3. At Time Controls where a check out time is required, this will be the crew check in time unless replaced by the time control official and relayed to the in car unit.
  4. Crews will move up to start line and count themselves down.
  5. Stage time displays on in car unit after completing a stage by crossing the Flying Finish
  6. Crews must stop at Stop Point. If there is no tablet at the Stop Point, then the official may ask to view time on in car unit for purposes of entering on stage time board.
  7. The stage time is no longer displayed on the in car unit after the crew leave the Stop Point, but can still be viewed along with other stage times using the Options button and View Times option.
  8. If a stage finish time is not able to be recorded due to car equipment malfunction or very rare aerial failure then a derived time will be determined for the affected crew by the simple rule of comparing times on stage before and after to the fastest times, and applying that factor to the fastest time on the stage in question.
  9. A time due at Regroup Out will be issued in writing to crews. Crews will check in at the Regroup out control as for other Time Controls, where the check out time will be the crew check in time unless replaced by the time control official and relayed to the in car unit.

The variations to the NRSR that allow for satellite timing will be outlined in Further Regulations.

An up to date guide for competitor use of Rallysafe in car unit will be made available before the event.