Mitta Mountain Rally and COVID

The current time is not an easy time to organise a large public gathering.  On the one hand we appear to be on top of the COVID pandemic in this country and so can afford to relax after going through some highly restrictive times.  On the other hand, our event, and motorsport in general cannot afford to be the source of a new wave of infection spread.

We want our COVID safeguards to be as least onerous as possible, but still effective.

It is now normal practice to sign in at public gathering places.  Service crews will not need to sign into the event site at Mitta, as we have contact details on the entry form, and competitors will sign in as part of the normal event Book In process.

Spectators and others will have to sign on either manually or using QR Code reader at spectator points and on entry to the Mitta Recreation Reserve, not at the gate, as we don’t want to restrict traffic flow, but at the entry to the main Rally HQ building.

We have adopted a minimal contact procedure at controls for the handling of competitor time cards.

We urge everyone to not attend if they have Covid symptoms, and to maintain social distancing and good hygiene practice around the Mitta Rally Base and Service Park, where hand sanitiser will be on hand.

We look forward to a great weekend in the Mitta Valley amongst a welcoming community.