Mitta Masters for old cars not just old people

While there are awards for crews with drivers aged over 50, 60 and 70, to be eligible for the Mitta Masters, crews do not have to be necessarily old, but cars must comply with Classic C1 or C2.

Last year the young Justin Walker took home the Bruce Garland Cup for first outright Mitta Masters, although he missed out on VRC 2WD, won by Tony Sullens in the front wheel drive Citroen DS3.

Many crews entered in VRC with PRC cars that are older than 30 years would also find themselves eligible to compete in the Mitta Masters.  Older Club Rally Cars cannot also be Classic, but any older (more than 30 years) PRC car without a sequential gearbox or fuel injection will quite likely also be eligible under the Classic Categories for the Mitta Masters.