Mitta, Many Events In One

It would be easy for competitors to be confused by the range of choices as to which event or events to enter at Mitta.  We will try and explain.

The main event is the state championship level Mitta Mountain Rally, and then there are three multi club level sub-events, the main one being the round of the Victorian Club Rally Series which does the same course as the VRC event except the final two stages.  It is not permitted to enter both the VRC and VCRS events.

Drivers with a seeding of 0.850 or less are eligible to enter the Victorian Sprint Rally Series sub-event which covers only heat 1 of the VRC.  It is possible to enter the VRC, VCRS or Masters as well as the VSRS event.

The Masters sub-event has been run with the Mitta Mountain Rally since its inception as a multi club event for C1 and C2 Classic Rally Cars only, which includes many older PRC vehicles.  The age of the competitor has nothing to do with eligibility, but there are awards for older drivers and their carer co-drivers.  The Masters covers the same course as the VRC.  It is possible to enter the VRC, VCRS or VSRS as well as the Masters.

VRC start first, then Masters as they do the same course, then VCRS as they do two less stages, then VSRS as they do only heat 1.  Where competitors enter more than one event, they pay the higher entry fee and start in the event that starts earlier.  Entry fees scale down based on permit fees, stage distance and start position.