Mitta is all Go!

The Mitta Mountain Rally area is not under threat from current fires in the region as uncontrolled fires move generally away from North of the Dividing Range towards Gippsland.

One planned stage is now unsuitable for rallying due to dozer activity on part of it that formed a control line for a fire back in November. It can be readily replaced with a couple of previously used stages that are in terrific condition.

The Mitta Valley community is keen for the event to proceed as summer tourist activity has been affected. The only threat to the event is new fires between now and 21 March.

The Mitta Organising Committee is charging full steam ahead to bring on Round One of the 2020 Till Hino VRC.

We heard that some competitors had stopped car preparation thinking that the fire situation would prevent the event happening. Those guys need to get back out to the workshop and get that car ready.