Entries Update for Mitta Mountain Rally and Mitta Masters

A total of 54 entries have been received so far from the following drivers listed below.  If you thought you had submitted an entry and your driver’s name is not on this list, then please get in touch with our Entries Secretary, Deb.

For those still contemplating entering, and you are still welcome to, you have until 2030 this Wednesday 23 February.

Owen Polanski
Jamie Neale
Danny Traverso
Brian Semmens
Andrew Pannam
Roy Raymond
Steven Porter
Lucas Draper
Frank Neale
Guy Tyler
Darryn Snooks
Stephen Raymond
Warren Lee
Jamie Luff
Wayne Stewart
David Lawrence
Paul Lahiff
Andrew Murdoch
David Gates
Brad Till
Daryl King
Ross Stapleton
Joel Wald
Nathan Quinn
PJ O’Keeffe
Rose North
Evan Bollard
Richard McNay
Chris Tobin
Ray Garrad
Nick Seymour
Peter Sweeney
Matt De Vaus

Ian Martin

Kevin Millard

Lochlan Reed

Roy Brock

Brendan Reeves

Tom West

Andrew McNay

Russell Seabrook

Geoffrey Hollaway

Graham Wallis

Robert Gorst

Michael Ward

Peter Schey

Doug Fernie

Luke Sytema

James Leoncini

Colin Sichlau

Shannon Seabrook

Justin Griffin

Tim Valantine

Alan Friend