Entries Status for Mitta Mountain Rally, and Mitta Masters, including VSRS

Entries close shortly at 8pm today, Wednesday 11 March.

A total of 38 entries have been received so far from the following drivers listed below.  If you thought you had submitted an entry and your driver’s name is not on this list, then please get in touch with our Entries Secretary, Deb.

We have received an entry fee from ML and Y Robert which does not correspond to any entry received.  We have checked seeding and grading lists here and NSW and have not been able to solve this mystery.  No it is not Max Roberts from Bega. If you can help us solve it there is a reward!, so if you have any clues, please get in touch with Deb.

Matt Lee
Warren Lee
Brad Till
Andrew McNay
Richards McNay
Brian Semmens
David Lawrance
Joel Wald
Wayne Stewart
Rosemarie North
John Carney
Ross Stapleton
Ian Martin
Troy Dawson
Aaron Windus
Darren Windus
Adrian Stratford
Richard Carter
Franco Liucci
Brendan Reeves
David Stiles
Brett Ross
Barney Hogan
Luke Daly
Cary Seabrook
Braeden Kendrick
Les Adams
Dean Hubbert
Nick Seymour
Lochlan Reed
Ivan Regester
Cody Richards
Graham Wallis
Darren Snooks
Keith Lewis
Tony Moore
Roy Brock
Josh Bohm