Entries filling for Mitta Mountain Rally and Mitta Masters

It is still a week to go before the early entry cut-off, and 53 entries have been received so far.

Approval has been given by Motorsport Australia and Forest Fire Management Victoria, the responsible road authority for most of the route, to increase the field limit from 60 to 70 cars, so it is not too late to enter, but best to get online and get that entry in if you want to be part of the Series opener, and take advantage of the early entry fee discount.

Entries have been received so far from the following crews listed below.  If you thought you had submitted an entry and your name is not on this list, then please get in touch with our Entries Secretary, Ged Blum.

Driver Codriver Series
Tim Wilkins Jim Gleeson NSWRC
Riley Walters Andrew Crowley NSWRC
Robert Gawen Sarah Gawen NSWRC
Thomas Dermody Eoin Moynihan NSWRC
Brad Luff Jamie Luff NSWRC
Chris Fitzgerald Ash Ewers NSWRC
Jody Mill Ray Winwood-Smith NSWRC
Brian Hunt Chandlah Hunt NSWRC
Miles Sandy Kim Bessel NSWRC
Chris Stilling Jon Thomson NSWRC
David Hills Ben Richards NSWRC
Michael Tori Jamie McIntyre NSWRC
Chris Judson Matt Ruggles NSWRC + Masters
Wade Ryan Michael Ryan NSWRC + Masters
Evan Bollard TBA NSWRC + Masters
Darren Crozier Michelle Crozier VRC
Brett Ross Jason Hague VRC
David Draper Britany Draper VRC
Brad Till Mitch Garrad VRC
James Leoncini Mark Leoncini VRC
Aaron Windus Tracey Dewhurst VRC
Darren Windus Joe Brick VRC
Ian Martin Doug Fernie VRC
Lochlan Reed Lucas Reed VRC
Tim Clark Leonie Clark VRC
Ross Stapleton Peter Ellis VRC
Brendan Hood Richard Hood VRC
Rosemarie North Jarryd – Indiana Sweeney VRC
Jamie Pohlner Adam Branford VRC
Warren Lee David Lethlean VRC
Robert Gorst Joanne Gorst VRC
Jason Lennane Jasmine Lockley VRC
Darryn Snooks Michael Foreshew VRC + Masters
Danny Murphy Trevor Harty VRC + Masters
Adrian Stratford Kain Manning VRC + Masters
David Lawrance Darren Davison VRC + Masters
Graham Wallis Richard Davies Masters
Terry Gunter Stephen Newell Masters
Ian Hill Phillip Bonser Masters
Bruce Field Karien Heimsohn Masters
Brian Semmens Dan Parry VCRS
Tobie Mordue Aaron Mordue VCRS
Owen Polanski Andrew Roberts VCRS
Peter Sweeney Simon Young VCRS
Sean Gibson Samantha Jelbart VCRS
Derek Reynolds Taylor Jay VCRS
Michael Trucano Heli Thaw VCRS
Daryl King Darcy McClure-Wallace VCRS
Geoffrey Hale Jenny Pollock VCRS
Matthew Jones Amy Jones VCRS
Alex Kovacevic David McLean VCRS
Steve Kaitler Robert Wilson VCRS
Andrew Murdoch Jnr Ross Murdoch VCRS