Officials needed for Mitta Mountain Rally 21 March 2020

In the past the Mitta Mountain Rally has not required many officials, due to having only four or five no repeat stages and the nature of the country with few access tracks onto the rally route requiring closure.

This year, with two extra stages, each requiring a minimum of eight people for start time control, start line, flying finish and stop point, plus road closures has meant that we have to dig deeper than local resources for officials.

If you would like a pleasant weekend in the so far unburnt North East high country, with some rally spectating thrown in, then please get in touch with our Officials Coordinator, Ray Wingrave on ph 0403932515 or email

Supplementary Regulations now available


Supplementary Regulations have been released today  for the opening round of the 2020 Till Hino Victorian Rally Championship.  Border Oils and Batteries are back on board again as the major event sponsor.

The incorporated Mitta Masters multi-club event for classic cars and competitors returns this year.  Round 1 of the new Victorian Sprint Rally series will form Heat 1 of this event.

The Road team report that the impact of the fires has been to replace one old long stage with two shorter stages that are in excellent condition following a recent grading program.  The new faster flowing stages have been unaffected by the fires.  The superb views of Victorian peaks remain for co-drivers to enjoy and drivers to occasionally glance at.

The unique features of the Mitta event are all still there including the amazing service park on the golf course, modern Rally Base with excellent local catering, no repeat mountain stages, results final on the day, wrapped up with presentation that night in the cosy Mitta Pub.  The bus will operate from Dartmouth again.

It might pay to get online and get that entry in soon.  Discounted early bird entries close at 8 pm Wednesday 26 February.

Mitta is all Go!

The Mitta Mountain Rally area is not under threat from current fires in the region as uncontrolled fires move generally away from North of the Dividing Range towards Gippsland.

One planned stage is now unsuitable for rallying due to dozer activity on part of it that formed a control line for a fire back in November. It can be readily replaced with a couple of previously used stages that are in terrific condition.

The Mitta Valley community is keen for the event to proceed as summer tourist activity has been affected. The only threat to the event is new fires between now and 21 March.

The Mitta Organising Committee is charging full steam ahead to bring on Round One of the 2020 Till Hino VRC.

We heard that some competitors had stopped car preparation thinking that the fire situation would prevent the event happening. Those guys need to get back out to the workshop and get that car ready.

New stages for 2020

Many competitors found in 2019 that in the heat of March many of the Mitta roads were too busy and technical, so the road team has ventured a little further afield for some roads that are less relentlessly twisty and more open and flowing.
There will be two all new stages, two that have a mix of old and new, and two traditional stages, an increase by one to six stages.
The event will still be based out of the Mitta Recreation Reserve with the wrap up at the Mitta Pub afterwards. The Mitta Masters, an associated multi club event will again be part of the event.
A remote refuel will be necessary, and the organisers will transport competitor’s fuel there and assist with refuelling.
March is great in the Mitta Valley, and what a way to start the season off in 2020.