2023 Mitta Mountain Rally Stages Preview

The course check has been completed and the road team reports that all stages are in great condition.  Although the area has experienced a wet Winter, Spring and Summer, rain has been steady with few heavy storms that can impact road surfaces.  One stage was dropped as planned grading had not occurred.  This reduces total distance to 135 km for the State event and to 99 km for the shorter VCRS event.  That still represents a significant workout in this tight and twisty terrain.

The organisers like to vary the course from year to year, to keep the event interesting.  Two stages incorporate some open shire roads.  Two stages have been used  before, one not for many years, the other has been graded since last used and is in tip top condition.  It will provide a great final stage.  Two stages are run in reverse direction to previous years.  There is also ten km of exciting all new road.

Road Director Tod Reed has conducted his own maintenance, rectifying a gutter that kept surprising him on survey.

Road Director Tod Reed at work